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Leading Provider of the Internet of Things Industry, Providing Personnel and Items Identification Technology, Products and Total Solutions.
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Baobiwanxiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of the Internet of Things industry in China,providing personnel and items identification technology, products and total solutions.It’s a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services. Baobiwanxiang focuses on the field of intelligent Internet of Things identification, mainly engaged in personnel identification technology, RFID identification technology integration solutions and intelligent terminal products R&D, production, sales and technical services. With strong technical and R&D capabilities, Baobiw...

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Integrating R&D,production,sales and technical services,professional in providing comprehensive industry solutions

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Cooperation Case

In the previous time that did not access the medical IoT mobile nursing system,nurses in Shenzhen Shekou Peoples Hospital need to check the patient's daily vital signs, medications situation, medical advice and other information on a daily basis, which took up a lot of manpower time costs, was also prone to errors, and the information was not safe enough.

In March 2018, the medical IoT mobile nursing system was connected and seamlessly connected with the HIS system. They purchased RFID UHF printers and UHF wristbands. Nurses only need to use PDA to enter data in front of patient’s bed. Data will be uploaded automatically to the nursing medical care system in the mean time, so that information sharing will be achieved in one step.

When different medical staff take care of patients, they only need to scan the RFID wristband worn by the patient via the handheld PDA for identification, so as to know the detail information of patients, such as the patient's condition, drug use, allergy history, specific medical advice, etc., to avoid medical accidents caused by the confusion of patient information.

According to the feedback from Shenzhen Shekou People's Hospital, Baobiwanxiang Medical Mobile Nursing System has helped the hospital save costs and also the time of medical staff,so staff have more time and energy for patients. Baobiwanxiang Medical Mobile Nursing System enables the medical process of Shenzhen Shekou People's Hospital to be informatized, with more accurate data and efficient medical treatment. Currently, this hospital is considering applying the application of RFID technology for patient identification to build a smart identification cloud system.

4 Core Advantages
Create a powerful "Smart Internet of Things" for you

  • Improve efficiency
  • Cost control
  • Reduce waste
  • Accurate information

Leading provider of the Internet of Things industry,providing personnel and items identification technology, products and total solutions.

Baobiwanxiang has accumulated rich experience in personnel and item identification, focusing on intelligent identification and RFID core technologies,RFID Internet of things medical applications, retail, clothing, production storage, logistics express, public utilities and other application fields,has provided high-performance RFID technology, products and total solutions

Independent R&D innovation mechanism, Self-developed products, own brand;

Baobiwanxiang attaches great importance to product and technology R&D investment, own a rigorous and professional technical team, equipped with electronic information technology R&D center, has develop product such as Baobi RFID printer, Baobi RFID intelligent terminal, Baobi RFID reader, Baobi face recognition terminal and the Baobiwanxiang cloud platform,over hundreds of products . With strong independent R&D capabilities and adhering to the principle of innovative serves customers, we have completed the industrial layout of solutions including hospitals identify products, IoT products, face recognition products and smart identification cloud printing system.. By the end of 2018, the company has owned more than 200 patents and software Copyrights, including 35 invention patents and 39 software works.

Research,production and marketing integration strategy, stable and reliable products, excellent products performance;

Baobiwanxiang has set up a professional product manufacturing workshop and a perfect production line. It is strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system production, and effectively combines R&D, quality, production and sales resources, all tightly integrated to ensure product performance,quality as well as timely and accurate delivery of the product.

With a standardized supply chain system, Baobiwanxiang has the ability to produce high-quality, high-performance, high-stability products on a large scale. And our products have passed CE, FCC, CCC and other related certification.

Vigorous market service system,a prompt reaction and service support to meet customer’s needs.

Baobiwanxiang establishes an efficient marketing development model for the industry, set up a comprehensive marketing network and a perfect market technical support service system. By the good faith and practical spirit, to provide customers with pre-sale, sale and after-sales full sets of service and support, keep rapidly respond to different application needs in the market.

Cooperative Client

Sanbo Brain Hospital Capital Medical University
The Second People's Hospital of Hunan Province/Brain Hospictal of Hunan Province
Hunan Center Hospital
the 153rd hospital of P.L.A
Lanzhou Military Hospital
ZhuJiang Hospital of SOuthern Medical University
PeiXian People's Hospital
Shandong mental health center
Shanghai chest hospital
Shanghai ChangZheng Hospital
Shenzhen Second People's Hospital
Shenzhen Children Hospital
Shenzhen Shekou People's Hospital
The first affiliated hospitcal of soochow university
Guangdonng Armed Police Corps Hospital
Qinghai Armed Police Corps Hospital
The University of Hong Kong -Shenzhen Hospital
Xuzhou No.1 People's Hospital
The 2nd People's Hospital of YanChen Yandu
The first hospital of ZhangJiaGang
The first Hospital of Zhejiang University
the 474th Hospital of P.L.A
the 169th hospital of P.L.A
Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center